Bella La Blanc

The villainess of burlesque and stepford wife gone wild!!

Bella is available for private sessions/classes upon request please contact her via email for more information.

Emotionally Connecting To Your Music

In this 90 minute class Bella shows you how to express yourself through your music. So you can deliver the message of your act in your strip. The perfect finishing touch to any emotionally driven piece.

She will show you how to get in tune with yourself. How to give good face/Facial expressions and, how to use that sudden key change or tempo drop in your music.

There will be improv exercises and mild to moderate dancing so please dress accordingly. Cost of class will be $20-$30 dollars per person.

Please bring

  • Notebook and pen (or) Laptop/Tablet - for notes
  • Comfortable clothes- for dance and movement
  • Character shoes (or) A comfortable pair of heels/shoes you use to dance (preferably a pair that you already use on stage so that you are already comfortable moving in them)
  • Bottle Of Water- You must stay hydrated

Pasties On The Cheap

Miss Bella La Blanc from Virginia for this special one-night-only work shop!

Bella's workshop will show performers of all levels how to construct a pastie with different kinds of fabrics and materials so all budgets are met!

Bella will also show students how to make and keep permanent patterns for you nipple shape as well how to make unique shapes and patterns such as stars, hearts, etc!

Of course...there will be tassels! Bella's class will be covering how to attach a removable tassel and even how to MAKE a tassel!

Class cost will be $20-$30 per person. Supplies will be provided but students are strongly urged to bring with them...

  • E6000
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Sewing Needles
  • Scissors
  • Note taking supplies